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Auckland, New Zealand


Monday 7th September 2020


Evimero The Wellness Collective launches today, and is a lifestyle and wellness community that aims to deliver an informative series of content based on 3 key pillars

  • Mind

  • Body

  • Soul

Headquartered in Sydney and Auckland, at launch Evimero will tailor content to the current climate, with informative articles and exciting content from videos to fireside chats with industry experts. 

“The idea for Evimero The Wellness Collective was a natural progression from my last lifestyle editorial, and led from the bottom up. I was getting half of my content partnership requests from the health and wellness industry. As demand for health and wellness products started to gain traction both locally and internationally, and as I wrote more health and wellness content, I naturally found myself deviating away from general lifestyle and more toward health and wellness says Farah, Editor in Chief and Founder at Evimero.

She goes on to say, sure you have your industry giants that already play in this space, and deliver content quite well, but I really wanted to curate content for my audience that was free from bias. Content is curated with the aim to educate a curious audience and enhance their own personal journeys from a integrated perspective, which is where Mind, Body and Soul ties in with the Evimero brand. 

Evimero translates to thrive or prosper in Greek, and we felt this was fitting from both a brand perspective and an audience perspective. We hope to grow Evimero to a household brand, with a full 360 degree view and approach from ranging wellness products, to editorial that provides advice and support.

Editor in Chief and Founder: Farah Dale is a PR and Advertising Professional, her background consists of working in the Advertising Industry publisher and client side, with roles at Google, Yahoo (Verizon Media) and Seven West Media of late.




For any media enquiries please contact:

Farah Dale

Editor In Chief and Founder |


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