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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Dry skin, blotchy skin, oily skin. UGH. What do i feed you?


"I've had pretty good skin throughout my teenage years. Suddenly, at 25 I faced cystic acne on my chin area which seemed to have a stubborn reluctance and was here for the long haul"

Isn't it funny how our face seems to affect every inch of our self confidence. When I grew a double chin I didn't seem to mind too much, but acne? Oh hell NO.

I wake up, look in the mirror everyday and sob silently. Painful to even move my jaw, I examine my bathroom cabinet and see my holy grails. Mario Badescu. Clinique. Drunk Elephant. WHY IS NONE OF THIS WORKING?!


You'll be surprised, any fluctuations in your water intake can adversely create a nightmare on your face. Too little water causes dehydration and inflammation, putting stress on your vital organs and that stress shows in your face. If you are drinking 1 litre, up it to 2. Already drinking 2 litres? Try cutting back on caffeine or soda. And yes, that caramel shot in your coffee is probably to blame if you aren't careful.


"Again, all my life I've had combination skin. Sometimes oily, sometimes dry depending on the weather. But I woke up this morning to PEELING EYELIDS. How and why is my moisturiser not working?!"

Our faces are often the first signs of showing stress. Our mind, our gut is all connected, and if there is something worrying you at night, chances are you are going to have some sort of reaction. Sometimes when your face is in full freak out mode you need to bust out the big guns. Sometimes the thickest moisturiser will absorb your dry, scaly, flakey undependable skin to the point where you consider calling a facialist. Hello 911? I need a serum because I cannot leave the house in this state. Our best advice is to seek the help of a dermatologist who can do a full consultation and work on a tailored treatment plan. However if you know the issue is something you can fix over the counter, a hydrating oil such as this Bobbi Brown on pictured below can be a lifesaver for flakey skin.


"Blotchiness is the stuff of nightmares. I learnt this the hard way after my first facial psoriasis flare. It was a small, crusty circle that looked like ringworm above my eyebrow that just would not budge. A touch of concealer? Yeah it's worse now thanks"

It seems like sometimes your face just needs a break. We love to pack on the base, conceal, bake and contour. At the very minimum, i usually have 6 products on my face for a subtle day look. God forbid I go full glam. My small patch the next day seems to gain a few pounds.

If after taking a break, your face is still blotchy, red or texture heavy then again, a dermatologist can help to put a plan in place to get you back to normal. At home DIY can lead to broken skin which may trigger a bacterial infection leaving you nursing some pretty horrific battle scars. Trust the experts, they've seen it all.

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