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Alright, 2020 trends are looking likely to make their debut in 2021. But when they do, you want to put your best face forward.


During lockdown I lost my job. After much thought, I've settled on slumming it as a student while the world gets it's shit together. I need to look a million but it needs to cost a hundy.

We hear you.

If there is anything we hate, it's show off. Covid or no Covid. Yeah influencer, we're looking at you. The full glam theatrics may come back, but for now? I think we're in fight or flight mode. Which means putting you best face forward. Now's not the time to piss off your besties with your new YSL Tatouage Couture lippy. We frankly don't give TWO shits.

Fresh and polished

What we love about a fresh face is radiance and it's eye catching. Eye catching in the way that you put your face on and you get a fresh boost of confidence. Studies show that women who put on minimal makeup report feeling more confident, and coincidently smarter. There are layers of self care, and makeup sits right at the top of that pyramid.

We love a good statement brow. Gloss those lips or go nude, a slick of mascara and you are ready to conquer a post COVID world. Yeah girl.


"I've spent half the year in loungewear. And the other half in activewear. Erm. I don't think I can wear regular clothes again."

Yeah, this you are not alone in. I knew I should have invested in active wear. Oh well. Here we are, post lockdown and all is right in the world. Transitioning to a corporate wardrobe is enough to scare even the most polished of women. We're going for a smart casual vibe to ease our way in. Well fitting denim with a nice top and a blazer looks to be the new corporate. Dinner out? Statement sleeves are in. Pair your favourite top with some white denim and you are good. And for those on campus days? A nice tee paired with a casual skirt or jeans is our go. So yep, we're calling it. 2020/2021 is the year of the jean. Subtle colours will be a nice way to ease in. Pastels, monochrome. Anything not bright and offensive (please retire your neons) will suffice.

But then again, we concede this year has been a doozy. New Years we'll accept a sparkly number.

Black is the new Black

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