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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

We've been through chaos, sickness, death and our whole lives have been uprooted. How do we remain calm and weather the storm?

Welcome to 2020. The start of a new decade, this year was supposed to be the beginning of change. A chance to set off on the right foot, to set the tone for the next 10 years.

Everything has been cancelled. Is it 2021 yet?

I think we can all pinpoint the exact second fear crept in. As we all watched the scenes unfolding in Wuhan, Italy and New York, with fear and horror, it was only a matter of time till the pandemic hit our shores. Headlines shouting "WHO Declares global pandemic" and "From bats to human lungs, the evolution of a Coronavirus" were enough to send shivers down your spine. And rightfully so, what we've been warned about for years had evolved into what we feared the most. A deathly illness with the capability to spread through the very air we breathe. An invisible killer.

Not even 3 months into the new year, the world as I knew it changed. I was no longer allowed to hug my grandfather, or say my last goodbyes if god forbid he were infected.

I feel helpless.

There is so much more we are still yet to learn about this virus. 6 months on we are still grappling with increasing infection numbers and a death toll which seems to have stabilised but is still a stark reality of this pandemic. What we know is that we cannot influence or control what is happening in the world right now. With this in mind, focus on having a routine and staying away from anything which may trigger feelings of hopelessness. We are all there, we are all feeling it but we can only control the way we cope. When things get a bit much, belly breathing and a calming brew can immediately centre you. Food is also so important at a time like this, try to focus on food that is anti inflammatory and foods that promote a healthy immune system. Your brain and your gut are interlinked, so if your eating horribly you are likely to feel horrible as a result. Pick a day or a meal where you can splurge, or work to a 5:2 method where you can eliminate the chance of you stress eating

I'm in a constant state of trance. I flip flop from denial to full on meltdown mid zoom meetings.

The future is still bright

It's important not to lose sight of whats ahead. If you are a planner, still write that 5 year plan. Or if the next 5 years feels uncomfortable at this point, the next 1 year is still a step in the right direction. We are preconditioned to perceive major life changing events as roadblocks, but in doing this you may feel even more lost. Still plan for those holidays, milestones, birthdays and more. You can adjust your plan as you go.

It's easy to just spend your days in bed, burying your head under the covers and hibernating till this virus runs it's course. But alas, in this world if you are not already living off the grid it may be a bit hard to switch off. That bunker doesn't seem so crazy now does it?


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